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Do you love singing and do you already have some experience with improvising or is improvising still a bridge too far? Come and make new discoveries what is possible with your unique voice.
In this series of workshops you will learn structures to improvise with your voice, to discover your own creativity and develop and gain confidence in your voice and improvisation.

palhikmana workshop

Many aspects are covered in each workshop as:
melody, rhythm, harmony, language and sound functioning and feeling good in a group various forms in which can be improvised as well as different styles in music, pop- jazz- and world music develop listening and singing at the same time become familiar with the use of your voice in combination with your body create compositions on the spot

About the coach and vocal improvisation: As a double bass player and singer with a jazz-education and more than 30 years experience in many different music styles, he has always had improvisational skills in music specialized in "scat" singing. In 2010 en 2011 he came in contact with a new method for vocal improvisation through the masterclass of Rhiannon “All the way in”, a year of intensive training continued in 2014 in Hawaii. This had an enormous healing effect and changed his life in a positive way. Also Bob Stoloff gave him an enormous boost to discover the possibilities of the human voice in improvising. These rich experiences he wants to share with you in his workshops. With all these experiences and rich influences he created his own method of teaching.

palhikmana workshop 2 - Henk de Laat

Where:GC De Markten Brussels
Level:For experienced singers
Price:50€ for a single workshop
Subscribe and info:sarahavci@palhikmana.org of gsm: 0486.86.84.85

Payment:Palhik Mana vzwOnderrichtsstraat 112 bus 61000 Brussel
IBAN: BE10001769581104 - BIC-code: GEBABEBB

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